Flags for Food Banks

If you have an old worn flag we will be happy to replace it with a new 3X5 flag and retire your old flag with honor. Please contact Post 1741 at 253-293-5839. We will do this free of charge with your pledge to make a donation to the Auburn Food Bank on behalf of the Auburn VFW Post 1741.

VFW will retire the worn flag with dignity and honor. The recipient of the new flag is requested to make a monetary donation, whatever they can afford, to their nearest food bank in the name of Post 1741.
Bill Peloza

How it all started

In 2008 Auburn VFW Post 1741 kicked off an Americanism program called “Flags for Food Banks”.

The program does two primary things: Reflect a sense of pride, respect and duty to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces to sustain freedom; and provide needed help to local food banks in economic hard times.

Bill Peloza | Auburn Reporter

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